Snow Film in Production

One of the benefits of being involved in the independent games community in Toronto is that you meet a lot of really cool people and see a ton of cool projects. One of those people is Benjamin Rivers, creator of the horror game Home, and the upcoming adventure game Alone With You. Before those games,… Continue reading Snow Film in Production

WE ARE DOOMED coming soon

Caffeine Monster Software is wrapping up production on WE ARE DOOMED. My multi-IGF-nominated friend Ryan Roth did the sound design and I did the music. Here is the trailer: As you’ll notice in the trailer it says “April 2014” – that’s REALLY soon, so look forward to playing this game in the next few weeks.… Continue reading WE ARE DOOMED coming soon

Solar Chaos in Development

Solid Roots Entertainment has approached me to do the music and sound design on Solar Chaos. There was a previous version that was on XBLIG (I wasn’t involved then), but this will be a total overhaul of the game and you can look forward to the release probably later this year! Here is a preview… Continue reading Solar Chaos in Development

Spellirium – Greenlit!

I received an excited Twitter DM from none other than one Mr. Ryan Henson Creighton of Untold Entertainment… Spellirium has been Greenlit on Steam in the December 4th batch! This is fantastic news. Ryan has been working on Spellirium for over 5 years! I began collaboration with Ryan earlier this year, helping with the crowdfunding… Continue reading Spellirium – Greenlit!

The Great Martian War

I recently worked with Secret Location Inc, here in Toronto (that’s all I’m allowed to say about where they are secretly located) on an infinite runner mobile game for iOS called “The Great Martian War.” It accompanies a History Channel special by the same name. In this game and film, history meets science fiction when… Continue reading The Great Martian War

A “Big Zoo Fun” Update…

Fans of Thadeus Maximus’ “Jimmy Jimbo: Big Zoo Fun” be warned… since the update to iOS7, Big Zoo Fun is sadly broken! If you’re running the newest mobile software on your Apple device, please be patient. A fix is on the way. In other news, I’ve been doing some early planning with Thadeus Maximus for… Continue reading A “Big Zoo Fun” Update…

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