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Robby Duguay is a game composer based near Toronto, Canada and the creative director of Level Curve, a four-person, full-service audio studio that has worked on music, sound design, implementation, and more for dozens of shipped games for mobile, web, consoles, and VR.

Robby’s composition style is dynamic and varied, drawing from the visuals and stories of his projects to find the sonic world that suits them best. His work includes AgenceGraceful Explosion MachineFate TectonicsThe World of Peppa Pig, and Broken Spectre.

He credits his love for crafting game music to long hours spent in JRPGs and his technical music background to his time studying at Arts Canterbury in Ottawa. Robby is also a game audio educator, having taught and presented to groups at venues like Sheridan College, the Toronto Media Arts Centre, and Massey Hall.

Robby Duguay