I recently worked with Secret Location Inc, here in Toronto (that’s all I’m allowed to say about where they are secretly located) on an infinite runner mobile game for iOS called “The Great Martian War.” It accompanies a History Channel special by the same name.

In this game and film, history meets science fiction when aliens invade during WWI. The film premieres on the History channel December 5th.

I had a great time working with their team, doing sound design for this project. The producer for the Great Martian War game, Kathryn Rawson even came and gave a presentation at the monthly Dames Making Games speaker social (I regularly work with DMG and its founders).

Most of the games I’ve worked on haven’t been shooters or had a war setting, so it was fun to design sounds that were completely different. As much as possible I tried to stay accurate to the sound of weapons and machinery from WWI, while I got to completely create and design the martians’ sounds from scratch. The game is free to play, so go download it!┬áNow!