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Hate Plus Trailer

Christine Love is an indie game developer who works out of the same office that I do (Bento Miso in Toronto). She’s known for her visual novel “Analogue: A Hate Story,” available on Steam. The continuation of that game, Hate Plus, is coming August 19th. I edited the trailer for it, so here it is:...

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Gamercamp 2012

Gamercamp is a conference held each year in Toronto, bringing together a wide range of game creators, collaborators and supporters for two days of sessions. The sessions vary from talks, to panels, interactive workshops, free play times, early game demos and test sessions. It’s really great to see interaction between different disciplines – I saw...

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Digifest: Toronto’s Digital Media Festival

If you’re at all involved in the professional interactive media industry in Toronto, chances are you’ve at least heard of Toronto Digifest. This year it’s running October 18-20 at the Corus building. The conference is a hub for media developers that is divided into three streams: feel – feeling the interaction hack – hacking how...

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AdventureWare: featured in Wired Magazine

Or, alternate title: AdventureWare Postmortem!? A couple days after the Adventure Time Game Jam, I got an email from Wired Magazine contributor Ryan Rigney asking me for my impressions or some stories on how the jam went. I consulted with my AdventureWare teammates Jonathan Levstein (design/code) and Stephen Daymond, and wrote an email back. Little...

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