This weekend, DMG Toronto held Mother, May I Jam at Bento Miso. Though I've done quite a few game jams in the past, this was my first time acting as an audio float (I didn't have any specific team). I had the pleasure of working with Leisha Riddel again, as well as Beth Maher, and also Katie MacKay. The track I wrote for Katie's game is called Mother's Instinct. It was a nice departure from people looking for the standard 'Hans Zimmer' feel, or chiptunes. I love writing in classical/folk/acoustic styles. I wanted to incorporate war drums, bagpipes, harps... it was a lot of fun by the end of it. The game itself isn't online yet, but here is the music: [soundcloud url="" params="" width=" 100%" height="166" iframe="true" 1="/" ]