I’m going to Make it Count

I am happy to announce that Nick Ng-A-Fook‘s game Make It Count is now available, free for a limited time, on iTunes. You can check it out here. You tap on number tiles adjacent to each other in sequence to make as long of a chain as possible, with level challenges and an expiring time meter at the top.

Make it Count icon

This happens to be my jam

As you might have guessed, I did the music and SFX for it. In creating these, I wanted to keep it simple and bouncy. The marimba sounds when you tap tiles emphasize both the 8-set combos, and that your score goes up with each extra tile (in the same way that you hear it go up the major scale).

I wanted to avoid any kind of dissonance and make it as “normal” as possible. The music is at 60bpm, which is to keep pace with the second hand of a clock. I wanted it to be in the back of people’s minds when they were looking for combos that the clock is still ticking.

Give it a try, and please HAVE FUN!