One of the benefits of being involved in the independent games community in Toronto is that you meet a lot of really cool people and see a ton of cool projects. One of those people is Benjamin Rivers, creator of the horror game Home, and the upcoming adventure game Alone With You. Before those games, Ben had actually already self-published a graphic novel called Snow, which is being adapted to a film by Ryan Couldrey (another one of the cool people I’ve met hanging around in this community).

I read the graphic novel around Christmas this past winter, and I really loved it. There aren’t any super powers or threats against humanity any greater than what you or I face every day. There are deep characters and conflict that resonate with the human experience. Ryan asked me if I could do some boom micing for some of the film shoots, but it turns out I’ll be doing the music instead. I have some cool ideas about how to express the theme of the film musically and it’s very different from anything you’ve heard from me before. More on that another time.

So… I’m composing the score for a film.

Here is something you don’t hear from a feature-length film every day: all of the proceeds are going to cancer research. It’s going to be a pretty big deal.

I’ll post updates here as they happen!