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“12GB of Christmas Vol. 3” Press Info

For more information, contact rob at robbyduguay dot com.

Album Title: Robby Duguay’s 12GB of Christmas Vol. 3
Genre: Video Game Christmas Music (retro/electronic/holiday)
Release date: December 3rd, 2015
Available on: Bandcamp, Loudr, iTunes, Google, Amazon
Twitter Hashtag: #12GBofChristmas

A third compilation of Videogame Christmas music! Experience the joy of the sound of Christmas morning and classic games. Discover timeless Christmas carols reimagined as tunes from some of your favourite titles from 1985-1999. Sounds from 8-bit consoles and all the way up to N64 and PS1, playing standards like “O Holy Night,” and “I heard the bells on Christmas day” – in ways you’ve never imagined!

The Story:
“Since I love Christmas and games so much, it’s no wonder that here we are again for the third year in a row. What better way to enjoy the season than to combine two of my favourite things? Now that I’ve successfully arranged 36 tracks across these 3 albums, I can definitely say I was scraping the bottom of the barrel this year for carols in the public domain. A highlight for me is that I finally mustered up the courage to arrange ‘O Holy Night’ – and I feel that doing it in the style of Aerith’s theme (another song with some emotional attachments) was a good match. On the technical/production side of things I made good use of some new equipment this year: I now have the same synth that they sampled from I am interested in continuing to produce these albums in the future, but it looks like I’ll have to partner with Loudr.fm to get the rights to some more modern Christmas tunes. I’m dreaming of Volume 4 and beyond (also: sugarplums)!”

Track listing:
01. NEScracker March (02:02) March from the Nutcracker Suite
02. Legend of Bethlehem (02:23) O Little Town of Bethlehem
03. Joyful Joyful Overworld (02:07) Beethoven’s 9th
04. Angels from the Miracle World (01:48) Angels from the Realms of Glory
05. Ding Dong Merrily on Adventure (01:57) Ding Dong Merrily on High
06. Handel Zone (03:27) Hallelujah Chorus from Handel’s Messiah
07. Go Tell it on the Mana (02:46) Go Tell it on the Mountain
08. I Heard the Bells on Corneria (02:18) I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day
09. Silent City (02:21) Silent Night
10. Holly and Ivy Underwater (03:12) The Holly and the Ivy
11. Fall on your Knees (04:22) O Holy Night
12. Ephemeral Manger (03:13) Away in a Manger

Click Here for Volume 1

Click Here for Volume 2
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What people are saying:

I think @RobbyDuguay outdid himself with Handel Zone. https://t.co/Q6Tk3m7acE Joyous in all of the right Emerald Hill places.

— Henry Faber (@henryfaber) November 30, 2015

Finding it hard to get into the festive mood? Well, don’t worry, because video game composer Robby Duguay has got just what the doctor ordered.
Side One (December 11, 2014)


Great track off of @RobbyDuguay new xmas album http://t.co/NbEPGQPpgF
— Jim Guthrie (@jampants) December 11, 2013


This snowy weather puts me in the perfect mood to listen to @RobbyDuguay ‘s 12gb of Christmas! : https://t.co/Strd1OE7ve
— Maggie McLean (@mjnmclean) December 11, 2014

While enjoying @RobbyDuguay‘s 12GB of Xmas Vol 2 http://t.co/FH8L0O3V5r am admiring the cover to Vol 1 as my desktop: pic.twitter.com/D0OHVAE1SZ — Matt Hawkins (@FortNinety) December 12, 2014

Robby Duguay