“In Tree Tap Adventure you grow and design trees to help your forest friends rebuild their home. Fly along with them around the globe, learn what it’s like to walk in their shoes …errrr paws and feet, collect badges to win rewards, and see your trees come to life in realistic augmented reality.  What’s more? Your digital trees become real trees with help from our Tree Planting Partners.”

Developed by Cream Productions
Composed and produced by Robby Duguay
Performed by The Game Winds
Orchestration, Flute by Thomas Kresge
Oboe by Brooke Ferd
Clarinet by Peter Anthony Smith
Bassoon by Bassoonify
French Horn by JohnStacy
Harp by Samantha Ballard
Marimba, Percussion by Doug Perry
Diskclavier piano (track 6) graciously recorded by Dale North
Sound design by Matt Miller, Eliza Daly