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Big news today in the world of WE ARE DOOMED. The game is available on... PS4 (North America), April 14th PS4 (Europe), April 15th Xbox One (Worldwide), April 17th Steam (PC and Mac), April 21st AND you can also look out for it on PSVita later this summer! If you haven't played it yet, there is no excuse now! It's a shockingly beautiful 2D twin stick shooter from the genius mind of Mobeen Fikree over at Vertex Pop. You may have seen it in the indie megabooth at Pax East in March. You can pick it up now for yourself for only $10! A year ago, when the initial itch/humble version of the game came out I released a soundtrack EP. The console edition of the game is expanded, and now so is the soundtrack. Today I'm releasing a new album, with remastered versions of the existing soundtrack, plus 16 minutes of new music from the endless mode. I call it "WE ARE DOOMED OST ∞." Add it to your collection for only $5 on Bandcamp, Loudr, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon MP3, and Steam. Have a listen below: