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Album Title: WE ARE DOOMED OST ∞
Genre: Video Game Soundtrack (glitch/electronic)
Release date: April 14th, 2015 (most platforms), April 21st, 2015 (Steam)
Available on: Bandcamp, Loudr, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon MP3Steam
Twitter Hashtag: #WEAREDOOMED
(Click here for the game’s press kit)

The official soundtrack to Vertex Pop‘s 2D twin-stick survival shooter, WE ARE DOOMED. Ambient vocal samples and FM synthesizers layer over each other to foster a meditative state in the listener. As the waves of visually striking polygonal baddies swarm, the music glitches more and more, transforming into an intense digital soundscape. Composed and produced by Robby Duguay at Bento Miso in Toronto, Canada.

Release schedule for the game:
PS4 (North America), April 14th 2015
PS4 (Europe), April 15th 2015
Xbox One (Worldwide), April 17th 2015
Steam (PC and Mac), April 21st 2015
PSVita, Summer 2015

The album is an extended followup to the 2014 WE ARE DOOMED OST EP album, featuring remastered versions of the original game mode tunes, plus 16 minutes of all-new music from the game’s endless mode.

The Story:
“I first played WE ARE DOOMED in February 2014, when Ryan Roth (Sokobond, The Yawhg), the sound designer for the project, recommended me to Mo, the designer of the game, for the soundtrack. Originally we discussed some references ranging from the Chemical Brothers, Kavinsky, M83, the Pet Shop boys and even Sandstorm (yes, that sandstorm). After 5 or 6 audio demos, we landed on the elements that would form the basis of the sound of the game: arpeggiated synth bass, evolving FM synths, harmonized vocal samples, analog drums, and a varying amount of glitch applied to each group.

The vocal samples are a recording of my wife, Michelle, singing. I came home with a field recorder one day, sat down with her at the piano and had her sing all the notes in the key Ryan and I had agreed on for the game. Once I had all the samples I needed, I made them into a sort of makeshift sampler synth to write the tracks with. With all the music and the sound effects based in the same key, Ryan had full control over how positive or dissonant the in-game interactions would sound.

My biggest goal was to reinforce how much more intense the game got with every wave. The solution was to add more and more layers and glitches as the waves increased, with a whole new track every 10 waves. Later on, with the addition of endless mode, the final stage of the music is an 8 minute mix – it’s actually all of the other 6 tracks playing simultaneously, and it contains the most glitching and fading on the soundtrack by far.

When the one-mode original PC version of the game came out in April 2014, I released a soundtrack EP to accompany it. The game showed beautifully at Pax, and Mo was approached by Microsoft and Playstation about bringing it over to their platforms, with Valve following not far behind. With the expanded scope of the console edition, it was time to release a proper LP alongside. WE ARE DOOMED OST ∞ is the definitive soundtrack to the final release versions of the game.”

Track listing:
01. yes we are (05:52)
02. it’s only going to get worse (06:03)
03. there’s no escaping it (03:38)
04. the end is near (04:00)
05. light at the end (04:00)
06. endless ∞ (08:00)
07. ways of being doomed (menu) (03:57)

Album Preview Video:

Game Trailer:

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What people are saying:

“Is it good? Yeah! It’s very good… Oh, and it’s got a really sexy ambient soundtrack which is sort of like glitchy and nice, and I like it.”
— Matt Lees (Youtube)


“This OST has got those claustrophic, Super Metroid style electronic beats going. Very catchy, but with just the right amount of glitchy dissonance to keep your wits about you.  The unique samples give this album a lot of life.”
Anthony (Video Game Music 4 All)

“The soundtrack is phenomenal. The composition of Robby Duguay is absolutely perfect to match the psychedelic madness unfolding on the screen and creates excellent ambience for both the player engaged in the game and anyone who might be watching (or even just in proximity). In fact, I actually listened to the first track several times while writing this review.”
Graham Arthur (Automaton)


“The music of We Are Doomed is great. The songs feel like they were ripped out of broken, glitched out computer. Everything sounds haunting and slightly strange. But in a good way. ”
— Zack Zwiezen (Entertainment Fuse)


“The game is pretty sweet too, but the soundtrack is my real pick: it’s called WE ARE DOOMED and it’s just really good, kinda synthy electronic music – kinda my programming soundtrack for the past week.”
— Jamison Dance, Javascript Jabber Podcast Episode 124


“…this is a solid action game with mesmerizing visuals. The ambient soundtrack is equally impressive, adding quite a bit to the overall experience.”
 Defunct Games


The background music is one of the best qualities of We Are Doomed. The tunes are strangely calming, borderline tranquil, and it’s a nice change of pace from the thumping techno of other twin stick shooters. At times, the music almost disappears from your consciousness It’s something I wish more twin-stick shooters would do.”
Games Under Pressure


“Regarding the last rt: music in we are doomed is by the amazing @RobbyDuguay and is crazy good. Get the soundtrack at (link)!”
— Andrew Carvalho (Sound Shapes, Knight and Damsel)


“I would play the hell out of this game. The colors are very eye catching and the music is good. I think my favorite part of this game is the unique and colorful bad guys. Blast ‘em!”
— The Queen of the Nerds


“The music of We Are Doomed is awesome!”
— IndieVidualDE


“…the techno, glitchy songs throughout the two modes perfectly match the game’s tone, so grooving along to the catchy beats of these relaxed tracks with soothing female vocals and awesome synthesizers is easy to find yourself doing.”
Joey Thurmond (Push Square)


“The music and sound effects are fantastic and blend together so well. The music sets the tone for a very chill experience”
Kyle Huffman (Pixel Flashback)

Robby Duguay