I am very excited to say that Sir Paul McCartney is still making music! …and now, he’s turned to composing for video games!

I mean, who better to write music for games than a REAL KNIGHT?! Yep, he’s knighted. I went there.

It was a weird realization for some that since 2010 some kids only know the Beatles music from their special edition of Rock Band (which, by the way I own the collectors edition). Now that Sir Paul has joined forces with Bungie, there will be more and more kids who only know his music through that medium.

You may be correct to say that I am too young to have grown up on the Beatles. My parents grew up on the Beatles. In turn, they raised me on their music as well. I’m thrilled to hear that this is happening – I’m very passionate about the Beatles AND about video games… This is great news.

For more info, here is a link to an article with more details.

As a little bit of extra-curricular here, I want to share this video I found about a month ago:
Paul McCartney: Chaos and Creation, a solo concert to a live audience and workshop in the Abbey Road studios – featuring superstar producer Nigel Goderich!