I had a great time tonight! I was able to tune in and stream the Video Games Live concert from El Dorado, Arkansas. I’ve never seen the VGL show and I’ve never been to Arkansas, so it was a win-win.

If you aren’t familiar with the show already, Tommy Tallarico (who is a really famous video game composer in his own rite) felt it was important to recognize video game music AND revitalize live orchestral shows with a new generation of symphony-goers. Cool and fun fact, he is actually first cousins with Steven Tyler (from Aerosmith).

Guitar is my main instrument – so I have to admit I’m really jealous of Tommy’s arsenal. He plays a custom guitar for every song. My favourite would probably be the sniper-rifle steampunk guitar he plays for the Halo theme. So awesome. I want one of those for my birthday next year.

You can see the same show I watched here: on twitchtv.com (the real concert starts around the 30 minute mark).

PS, this is how I personally remember Tommy Tallarico: Aladdin on Sega in 1993