This weekend was Thanksgiving for us Canadians - but I spent mine a little differently than my family. I went down to Detroit to play a show with my friend Arthur Wachnik. This is the second time I've gone on the road to perform with Arthur, and this time was definitely a little different. He normally has a set band, and I fill in if he needs me - this time because of the holiday weekend it was a whole different band. Mike Poisson from House of Fish came down to drum, and Maurice Migula played keyboards - he's a composer from Poland! I could tell you all about the short practice window, or customs on the drive down... or even how the show itself went, but I don't need to get into it. The point of me writing today is to say this: When musicians get together, for whatever reason - they should make time and jam. Maurice is coincidentally a wicked clarinet player, and he got one while in Detroit. I wish we had properly recorded the jam that happened that day. Mike had just a tambourine and a shaker, I played acoustic, Maurice played the clarinet and we all sang. It sounds like a weird combo, but it TOTALLY worked and it was AWESOME. Happy Thanksgiving. This year I am thankful for my family and friends, and the great music they all make.