If you’re at all involved in the professional interactive media industry in Toronto, chances are you’ve at least heard of Toronto Digifest. This year it’s running October 18-20 at the Corus building. The conference is a hub for media developers that is divided into three streams:

feel – feeling the interaction
hack – hacking how we live
play – playing with design

As much as I want to get into details about the “play” category, the part I’m most excited about is that our Adventure Time AdventureWare game is being featured at the BentoMiso Community Arcade (click for a full list of the games being featured)! For those of you who are not familiar, AdventureWare is a game I composed and did sound design for, with a rockstar team of Jonathan Levstein (design/code) and Stephen Daymond (art).

There is a major update to the game build, even including a new stage (Featuring Lumpy Space Princess)!

The game will be featured all 3 days, with the arcade being open to the public this Saturday 12-5. See you there!