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“Fate Tectonics Original Soundtrack” Press Info

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Album Title: Fate Tectonics Original Soundtrack
Genre: Video Game Soundtrack (Electronic/SNES/Symphonic)
Release date: September 9th, 2015
Available on: Bandcamp, Loudr, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon MP3
Twitter Hashtag: #FateTectonics

Original Soundtrack from Golden Gear’s Fate Tectonics, a world-building puzzle/strategy game. An assembled, linear version of the dynamic in-game music, heavily influenced by 16-bit sounds of the Super Nintendo. The album features two versions of the music, as a “side A”: Serenity, a SNES-style symphonic mix, and “side B”: Chaos, a heavy electronic mix. The Serenity and Chaos worlds are exactly the same structure and duration, just viewed through the lens of a different Fate. The dynamic in-game music is comprised of up to 16 instrument channels, which change volume and form to evolve along with the players’ choices. Each track roughly marks a point in the game where another fate’s temple has been added to the world, highlighting the relationship between different voices:

Fates: Penelope (Flute), Barnacles (Bass Clarinet), Hogweed (Bassoon), Pestur (Oboes), Catlas (French Horn), Auroara (Sleigh Bells/Glockenspiel), Achaeomagosaurus (Trumpets), Fortuna/Ragnarosa (Raver beats)

World Elements: Void (Pipe Organ), Civilization (Violins), Water (Clarinets), Forest (Accordion), Mountain (Organ), Progression (Percussion), Various other instrument channels (Destruction)

The Story:
“I have known the Golden Gear team for a few years now. I remember the lead designer Andrew Traviss originally starting Fate Tectonics as a ‘One Game a Month’ project, originally titled Terra Infirma. At the time, RPGmaker assets were used as placeholder and Dan Rodrigues (of Runbow fame) composed some in-game music (you can hear it here).

In mid 2014, Golden Gear realized that they wanted to take the game a lot further and extended development to take it to the next level. A lot changed in the project and team all at once: Rosemary came on to do the art, Jen joined in for sound design, and I took over composing the soundtrack. At the same time, the team got involved with Boss Level and ToyTemp for publishing.

I pitched the idea of dynamic music to the team and they loved it; it turns out that they already had a robust audio tool in place, so it wasn’t much work to get the first tests running. The 16-bit style really inspired me to reach for the kinds of sounds I loved hearing on Super Nintendo. After a few sound tests, I settled in on the voicing and the style, and the sound of Fate Tectonics was born. I’ve had to tweak the voices a few times to get the sound I want. The last additions were Fortuna and Ragnarosa, since their game mode was created fairly late in the development of the game. They are basically goth ravers dancing under a bridge, so I figured a layer of raver beats never hurt anybody…

When it came time to compile a soundtrack, it was actually fairly difficult to arrange, because the music only existed as stems – I had to imagine a story from the gameplay that I wanted to tell, and mix the voices in a way that would work as linear music. I decided that because there were so many options, I would give listeners a choice of whether they wanted to hear the symphonic style of Serenity, or the dance beats from Fortuna and Ragnarosa (distinguished on the album by the ‘Serenity’ and ‘Chaos’ titles in brackets on each track).

The coolest part is that because the music is dynamic, I’ve had the privilege of performing it live in Seattle during Pax Prime, and I’ll be performing it again in the future.”

Track listing:
01. I. Void (Serenity) (01:25)
02. II. Civilization (Serenity) (02:50)
03. III. Waters (Serenity) (02:08)
04. IV. Forests (Serenity) (01:25)
05. V. Pestilence (Serenity) (01:04)
06. VI. Rebuild (Serenity) (02:08)
07. VII. Mountains (Serenity) (03:54)
08. VIII. Ice (Serenity) (04:15)
09. IX. Fire (Serenity) (02:51)
10. I. Void (Chaos) (01:25)
11. II. Civilization (Chaos) (02:50)
12. III. Waters (Chaos) (02:08)
13. IV. Forests (Chaos) (01:25)
14. V. Pestilence (Chaos) (01:04)
15. VI. Rebuild (Chaos) (02:08)
16. VII. Mountains (Chaos) (03:54)
17. VIII. Ice (Chaos) (04:15)
18. IX. Fire (Chaos) (02:51)
19. Fate Tectonics (01:07)

Promotional Video:

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Album Art
Album Art



What people are saying:

I found getting into the groove of the game was essential with the music going loud. Robby Duguay excellent soundtrack acted as the reflection on how I felt about about my current situation in the game. Whether it was the hopeful intro tunes to the post disaster music that felt as though I was playing a Final Fantasy from the snes period.
— Christopher DeMelo (The Snarge, September 17, 2015)


Oh wow, the music is really calming and everything looks amazing.
— Charnelle Schindel (SheAttack, September 7, 2015)


The music deserves some credit as it really adds to the playing experience, as does the art design; each Fate has their own well thought-out personality and style, making them easy to differentiate between.
— Conor Bailey (GameSpew, August 2015)


I can’t help but be drawn into the synthy dubstep boss battle or whatever it is that is happening in the chaos version of “Pestilence,” of course, the ominous squarewave wailing of the Serenity version has a place in my heart too. Killer cut though? On first listen it was definitely “Fire (Chaos)” with that grinding march of an opener it’s tough not to be immediately pumped before the song is even in full swing. As I listen again though, I am actually falling in love with the deep, driving sounds of winter in “Ice (Chaos).”
— Genoboost (Game Music 4 All, September 28, 2015)


Spent the last 45min listening & biking to @RobbyDuguay @fatetectonics OST. Great job guys!Makes good biking music btw. Keeps a perfect pace

— Chris D. (@gruber_music) September 20, 2015


I am so happy that I got to download the @fatetectonics sound track. @RobbyDuguay is a genius.

— BB (@holyboobies) September 20, 2015


Stop what you're doing right now and pick up @RobbyDuguay's new record. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 https://t.co/qu7fAy3kht 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

— Rhett Fester (@rhettfester) August 31, 2015


Woo, Pre-order is up on @RobbyDuguay's latest soundtrack. Sounds dope as hell! https://t.co/CiIWLsNOo3

— Patrick Rainville (@RainVillain) August 31, 2015

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