12GB of Christmas, Vol.2 Release

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Christmastime is here again. After having such a great time with my Christmas album last year, I decided do it all over again – and here it is:

It my second album of what I call “Video Game Christmas Music.” In the same spirit as last year, it’s a cross between traditional carols and classic video game tunes. Some are very obviously specific game tracks, others are merely inspired by the style of a game’s soundtrack.

12GB of Christmas, volumes 1 & 2 are both available now PWYW, minimum $7CAD. If you see me in person I have download cards too.

Volume 2 contains 12 tracks which I have painstakingly matched to the sounds from Christmas mornings our childhood that we all know and love. This year I’ve added some fun homages to Super Mario Kart and Chrono Trigger that I think you’ll really enjoy.

The album will also be available from Loudr, iTunes, Google and Amazon in the next few days (pending approval times). I said it last year and now I’ll say it again: if it gets really popular I’m totally pressing a vinyl…

Something new that I’m doing this year is a collaboration with artists. Look for the 12GB of Christmas tracks on Youtube with art by some of my friends. More on that in another update soon.

Big shoutout again this year to Henry Faber for designing my album art and helping me out in general. We went nuts this weekend with Bit Bazaar and it’ll probably take us until the next one to recuperate.

Here is the album!


Snow Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

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Snow Film PosterAll proceeds from selling the film and soundtrack HERE
go to the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation

I first partnered with the director of Snow, Ryan Couldrey, early in the process of the shooting of the film. I’ve known Ben Rivers (who wrote the original graphic novel) for a couple years now, and I had a pretty good idea of how I thought Queen Street West should sound on the big screen. There really is a lot going on in the area, and a ton of influences to pull from. At the end of the day, I felt that stripping it down to the bare essentials would support the film, being in black and white and pretty minimalist in general. When you think of music in Queen West, it’s easy to picture street performers with electric or acoustic guitars, or small rock bands playing at the Horseshoe Tavern or something.

Snow Screenshot
A voice for a voice
One concept that I love to do as a composer is to represent characters and feelings not only with themes and motifs, but with actual instrument voices too. In Snow, Dana’s voice is played by a solo electric guitar. This gave me room to make her sound very alone, support her by an acoustic guitar (the voice of her best friend, Julia), layer her with a piano (the voice of Mr Abberline), or just do fun distortion and effects to represent the chaotic feelings she experiences.

Some details on the technical process
I recorded all of the electric guitar parts on an American Deluxe Fender Telecaster and Mesa Recto Studio Recording Preamp, patched through the Guitar Rig plugin to very gently add some room and mic effects and widen up the sound. I tracked the acoustic guitar parts at The Vine Studio in Mississauga, with the help of my recordist friend Lukas Loskot (until 4 in the morning one day). We also tracked live drums there with the help of my cousin Cam Duncalfe. Once I finished all the mixes, we got it mastered by Lionel Pedro at Trench Recordings in Toronto. Huge thanks to everyone who had a hand in making this album a reality!

Hear the Soundtrack

The Snow Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Soundtrack is available at Bandcamp, iTunes, Loudr, Google Play and Amazon.

You can watch the free-to-stream version of the film today on Vimeo.
Discuss the movie on Twitter using the hashtag #SnowFilm.


SNOW Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Preview

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SNOW is coming out on October 27th, 2014 – you can preorder the film with the soundtrack at

I will be releasing one track every week for free streaming on Soundcloud until the movie comes out! Here is track 2, Party (Julia’s Theme):

SNOW is a film by Ryan Couldrey, based on Benjamin Rivers’ graphic novel of the same name. It follows Dana and her friends as they watch Queen Street West change around them, and Dana experiences some big changes in her life.

This is my first feature film. It’s been a lot of fun working with Ryan and the rest of the crew. The full original motion picture soundtrack will be available on October 27th on Bandcamp, iTunes, Google and Amazon.


Fate Tectonics Announcement

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The big announcement today is that I am now collaborating with Golden Gear Games, Indie Game Audio and Boss Level on the upcoming world building game Fate Tectonics!

Place matching tiles to build a wide world, spreading the map as far as you can, while using the powers of the fates Penelope, Barnacles, and Hogweed. Don’t make mistakes, and certainly don’t make them mad, or you’ll regret it… I’ve been playing this game for almost a year now, and I can tell you they aren’t easy to please.

The Fate Tectonics Alpha version is available right now at – and you can look forward to many big updates in the near future!


WE ARE DOOMED original soundtrack EP release

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WE ARE DOOMED came out yesterday, a 2D twin stick shooter by Caffeine Monster Software. You can pick it up for only $4 and it will be featured this week in the PAX East Megabooth. Go say hi to the developer Mobeen Fikree and tell him I sent you.

With that, today I’m releasing a soundtrack of extended mixes from the game, and I’m selling it on Bandcamp. You can check it out below!


Snow Film in Production

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One of the benefits of being involved in the independent games community in Toronto is that you meet a lot of really cool people and see a ton of cool projects. One of those people is Benjamin Rivers, creator of the horror game Home, and the upcoming adventure game Alone With You. Before those games, Ben had actually already self-published a graphic novel called Snow, which is being adapted to a film by Ryan Couldrey (another one of the cool people I’ve met hanging around in this community).

I read the graphic novel around Christmas this past winter, and I really loved it. There aren’t any super powers or threats against humanity any greater than what you or I face every day. There are deep characters and conflict that resonate with the human experience. Ryan asked me if I could do some boom micing for some of the film shoots, but it turns out I’ll be doing the music instead. I have some cool ideas about how to express the theme of the film musically and it’s very different from anything you’ve heard from me before. More on that another time.

So… I’m composing the score for a film.

Here is something you don’t hear from a feature-length film every day: all of the proceeds are going to cancer research. It’s going to be a pretty big deal.

I’ll post updates here as they happen!


WE ARE DOOMED coming soon

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Caffeine Monster Software is wrapping up production on WE ARE DOOMED. My multi-IGF-nominated friend Ryan Roth did the sound design and I did the music. Here is the trailer:

As you’ll notice in the trailer it says “April 2014″ – that’s REALLY soon, so look forward to playing this game in the next few weeks. If you’re attending PAX East in Boston, you’ll be able to try it out at the Indie Megabooth!

I’m working on extended mixes to release and OST album version, which I will be selling on Bandcamp when the game is released. Coming Soon!


Knight and Damsel and MKultra games at GDC

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This is two announcements in one!

Announcement the first: I’ve joined the team at MKultra games to make Knight and Damsel, a competitive puzzle platformer. I’m very excited about it because this is going to be my first time collaborating with a few of my friends on the team – notably Maggie McLean, another Toronto video game composer. I’m doing the sound design and she is doing the music. Also, the programming lead Andrew Carvalho is a friend I’ve known for a couple years now. It’s great to finally be on a project together! (here is the press release announcing the whole team)

Announcement number two: MKultra is displaying the current build of Knight and Damsel at GDC in the OUYA booth. I won’t personally be there this year, but come say hi to Matthew and try it out. Apparently Broken Age will be in the Ouya booth as well and I recommend checking that out too if you haven’t already!


Solar Chaos in Development

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Solid Roots Entertainment has approached me to do the music and sound design on Solar Chaos. There was a previous version that was on XBLIG (I wasn’t involved then), but this will be a total overhaul of the game and you can look forward to the release probably later this year!

Here is a preview of some of the music I’ve written for the game. It has tower defence elements, so there are separate tracks depending on the difficulty of the level you’ve reached.

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