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Here’s what some people have said about my work:
[wolf_testimonials autoplay=”true” pause_on_hover=”true” transition=”auto” slideshow_speed=”6000″ nav_bullets=”false” nav_arrows=”true” animation_delay=”500″][wolf_testimonial name=”IndieVidualDE” avatar=”0″ link=”https://twitter.com/IndieVidualDE/status/588083635779203072″]”The music of We Are Doomed is awesome!”

[/wolf_testimonial][wolf_testimonial link=”http://www.gamemusic4all.com/blog/2015/4/26/we-are-doomed-ost-by-robby-duguay-available-now” name=”Anthony (Video Game Music 4 All)” avatar=”0″]”This [We Are Doomed] OST has got those claustrophobic, Super Metroid style electronic beats going. Very catchy, but with just the right amount of glitchy dissonance to keep your wits about you. The unique samples give this album a lot of life.”

[/wolf_testimonial][wolf_testimonial name=”Jim Guthrie (Sword and Sworcery, Below)” avatar=”0″ link=”https://twitter.com/jampants/statuses/410572108108808192″]”Great track off of @RobbyDuguay new xmas album http://t.co/NbEPGQPpgF”

[/wolf_testimonial][wolf_testimonial name=” Graham Arthur (Automaton)” avatar=”0″ link=”http://automaton.am/articles/indie-reviews/we-are-doomed-review/”]”The soundtrack is phenomenal. The composition of Robby Duguay is absolutely perfect to match the psychedelic madness unfolding on the screen and creates excellent ambience for both the player engaged in the game and anyone who might be watching (or even just in proximity). In fact, I actually listened to the first track several times while writing this review.”

[/wolf_testimonial][wolf_testimonial name=”Henry Faber (Bento Miso)” avatar=”0″ link=”https://twitter.com/henryfaber/status/541976693536071681″]”The perfect OST for the holidays! @RobbyDuguay’s 12GB of Christmas Vol. 2″

[/wolf_testimonial][wolf_testimonial name=”Matt Lees (Youtube)” avatar=”0″ link=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GH6ix0O3DdY”]”Is it good? Yeah! It’s very good… Oh, and it’s got a really sexy ambient soundtrack which is sort of like glitchy and nice, and I like it.”

[/wolf_testimonial][wolf_testimonial name=”Zack Zwiezen (Entertainment Fuse)” avatar=”0″ link=”http://www.entertainmentfuse.com/doomed-ps4-review/”]”The music of We Are Doomed is great. The songs feel like they were ripped out of broken, glitched out computer. Everything sounds haunting and slightly strange. But in a good way. ”

[/wolf_testimonial][wolf_testimonial name=”Games Under Pressure” avatar=”0″ link=”http://gamesunderpressure.com/review-we-are-doomed/”]”The background music is one of the best qualities of We Are Doomed. The tunes are strangely calming, borderline tranquil, and it’s a nice change of pace from the thumping techno of other twin stick shooters. At times, the music almost disappears from your consciousness It’s something I wish more twin-stick shooters would do.”

[/wolf_testimonial][wolf_testimonial name=”The Queen of the Nerds” avatar=”0″ link=”http://queenofthenerds.net/we-are-doomed-pax-east-2015/”]”I would play the hell out of this game. The colors are very eye catching and the music is good. I think my favorite part of this game is the unique and colorful bad guys. Blast ‘em!”

[/wolf_testimonial][wolf_testimonial name=”Joey Thurmond (Push Square)” avatar=”0″ link=”http://www.pushsquare.com/reviews/ps4/we_are_doomed”]”…the techno, glitchy songs throughout the two modes perfectly match the game’s tone, so grooving along to the catchy beats of these relaxed tracks with soothing female vocals and awesome synthesizers is easy to find yourself doing.”

[/wolf_testimonial][wolf_testimonial name=”Kyle Huffman (Pixel Flashback)” avatar=”0″ link=”http://pixelflashback.com/posts/indie-review-we-are-doomed/”]”The music and sound effects are fantastic and blend together so well. The music sets the tone for a very chill experience”

[/wolf_testimonial][wolf_testimonial name=”IndiegamesAAA” avatar=”0″ link=”http://indiegamesaaa.com/2014/12/12/celebrate-christmas-vidga-game-style-with-tunes-from-12-gb-of-christmas/”]”Both [12GB of Christmas] albums have a ton of brilliant songs and titles, and the composition is pretty amazing.”

[/wolf_testimonial][wolf_testimonial name=”Defunct Games” avatar=”0″ link=”http://www.defunctgames.com/courant/881/we-are-doomed”]”…this is a solid action game with mesmerizing visuals. The ambient soundtrack is equally impressive, adding quite a bit to the overall experience.”

[/wolf_testimonial][wolf_testimonial name=”Maggie McLean” avatar=”0″ link=”https://twitter.com/mjnmclean/status/543061040612007936″]”This snowy weather puts me in the perfect mood to listen to @RobbyDuguay ‘s 12gb of Christmas!”

[/wolf_testimonial][wolf_testimonial name=”Andrew Carvalho (Sound Shapes, Knight and Damsel, Loud)” avatar=”0″ link=”https://twitter.com/andrewcarvalho/status/477500573244092416″]”Regarding the last rt: music in we are doomed is by the amazing @RobbyDuguay and is crazy good. Get the soundtrack at (link)!”

[/wolf_testimonial][wolf_testimonial name=”Will O’Neill (Actual Sunlight, Planet of the Eyes)” avatar=”0″ link=”https://twitter.com/willoneill/status/542406749890691072″]”Just listened to all 12 Days of Nobu on @RobbyDuguay’s new Christmas album, and it is truly epic.”

[/wolf_testimonial][wolf_testimonial name=”Matt Hawkins (Attract Mode, FortNinety)” avatar=”0″ link=”https://twitter.com/FortNinety/status/543453378438000641″]”While enjoying @RobbyDuguay’s 12GB of Xmas Vol 2 http://t.co/FH8L0O3V5r am admiring the cover to Vol 1 as my desktop: pic.twitter.com/D0OHVAE1SZ”

[/wolf_testimonial][wolf_testimonial name=”Rosemary Brennan (Fate Tectonics)” avatar=”0″ link=”https://twitter.com/NextEstrogen/statuses/409865651155529728″]”Instead of getting work done, I’m chair-dancing to @RobbyDuguay’s 12 GB of Christmas album. http://t.co/96pqC75Lyj Love track 8! (ノ ^∀^)ノ”

[/wolf_testimonial][wolf_testimonial name=”Jonathan Guberman (Pianocade)” avatar=”0″ link=”https://twitter.com/JGuberman/statuses/409688559755354112″]”Morning after @TheBitBazaar highlight: my son dancing up a storm to ‘Deck the Zones’ by @RobbyDuguay!”

[/wolf_testimonial][wolf_testimonial name=”Jamison Dance (Javascript Jabber)” avatar=”0″ link=”http://devchat.tv/js-jabber/124-jsj-the-origin-of-javascript-with-brendan-eich”]”The game is pretty sweet too, but the soundtrack is my real pick: it’s called WE ARE DOOMED and it’s just really good, kinda synthy electronic music – kinda my programming soundtrack for the past week.”

[/wolf_testimonial][wolf_testimonial name=”Shaun Hatton (MegaShaun)” avatar=”0″ link=”https://twitter.com/megashaun/statuses/409854128609705984″]”@RobbyDuguay 12 GB of Christmas is going into my family’s Christmas music playlist. So awesome! Thanks for making this!”

[/wolf_testimonial][wolf_testimonial name=”GameLuster” avatar=”0″ link=”http://gameluster.com/indie-review-fate-tectonics/”]”The music is gentle as you’re world building and becomes hectic as any “god” gets unhappy (more on this below). It fits well, never gets old, and will get stuck in your head.”

[/wolf_testimonial][wolf_testimonial name=”Craig Majaski” avatar=”0″ link=”https://nintendotimes.com/2017/04/06/graceful-explosion-machine-review/”]”The [Graceful Explosion Machine] soundtrack is one of those that will get your blood pumping and matches the frenetic action on-screen perfectly.”

[/wolf_testimonial][wolf_testimonial name=”Alex Seedhouse” avatar=”0″ link=”http://www.nintendo-insider.com/graceful-explosion-machine/review/”]”Graceful Explosion Machine scores other successes in its boldly vibrant and yet minimalist aesthetic, as well as a synthesised soundtrack that is perfectly in keeping with the game’s jubilant style.”

[/wolf_testimonial][wolf_testimonial name=”Jed Whitaker” avatar=”0″ link=”https://www.destructoid.com/review-graceful-explosion-machine-429726.phtml”]”The synthesizer-heavy soundtrack is made up of hum-worthy tunes.”

[/wolf_testimonial][wolf_testimonial name=”David Roberts” avatar=”0″ link=”http://www.gamesradar.com/graceful-explosion-machine-review-without-a-solid-hook-its-likely-to-leave-your-mind-as-quickly-as-it-arrived/”]”[Graceful Explosion Machine]’s got a really clean, slick look, all enhanced by its silky smooth framerate and a plinky synthesizer soundtrack that accompanies the action, responding to the frenetic pace of your attacks and the natural ebb and flow of the enemy onslaught.”

[/wolf_testimonial][wolf_testimonial name=”Jared Rosenberg” avatar=”0″ link=”http://www.nintendoworldreport.com/review/44416/graceful-explosion-machine-switch-review”]”Great music and HD rumble implementation. A shooter that’s colorful, pleasant to the ear, and extremely addictive.”

[/wolf_testimonial][wolf_testimonial name=”John Scalzo” avatar=”0″ link=”http://www.warpzoned.com/2017/04/graceful-explosion-machine-review-colorful-arcade-shooter-pops-on-nintendos-switch/”]”Graceful Explosion Machine swaps out the twin-stick shooting for side-scrolling movement, but the excellent soundtrack and colorful artwork will look familiar to anyone who played their previous game.”

[/wolf_testimonial][wolf_testimonial name=”Timmy Adriaens” avatar=”0″ link=”https://www.gamingboulevard.com/2017/04/graceful-explosion-machine/”]”The audio [in Graceful Explosion Machine] is a great match for this game.”

[/wolf_testimonial][wolf_testimonial name=”Gavin Sheehan” avatar=”0″ link=”https://www.bleedingcool.com/2017/04/07/switching-pace-graceful-explosion-machine/”]”The graphics and the music [in Graceful Explosion Machine] fit well with the style and give you a sense of thrill as you makes your way from planet to planet.”

[/wolf_testimonial][wolf_testimonial name=”Justin Nation” avatar=”0″ link=”http://mameiacgaming.blogspot.ca/2017/04/review-graceful-explosion-machine.html”]”To go with the distinctive look of GEM the soundtrack is also quite a bit of a surprise. Where most games would pair the action on-screen with some intense sounds, techno pulsing, or upbeat tempos the music for GEM is positively placid overall.”

[/wolf_testimonial][wolf_testimonial name=”saeborgninja” avatar=”0″ link=”https://www.reddit.com/r/NintendoSwitch/comments/63sxhw/graceful_explosion_machine_is_out_now_on_the/dfwu590/”]”Great game, addictive, learning curve, improve skills, reflexes, coordination. Music is pretty awesome too.”

[/wolf_testimonial][wolf_testimonial name=”foxwaffles” avatar=”0″ link=”https://www.reddit.com/r/NintendoSwitch/comments/63sxhw/graceful_explosion_machine_is_out_now_on_the/dfxn3ti/”]”So much more difficult than expected, but its sheer simplicity, easy controls, and catchy music and beautiful visuals make [Graceful Explosion Machine] an amazing game for the price.”

[/wolf_testimonial][wolf_testimonial name=”diegoavila79″ avatar=”0″ link=”https://www.reddit.com/r/NintendoSwitch/comments/63z7kj/lets_talk_about_graceful_explosion_machine/dfyay6q/”]”I really enjoy the music in [Graceful Explosion Machine]. It has an ambient feel to it that is very soothing.”

[/wolf_testimonial][wolf_testimonial name=”guest0x” avatar=”0″ link=”https://www.reddit.com/r/NintendoSwitch/comments/63z7kj/lets_talk_about_graceful_explosion_machine/dfyop8j/”]”Love the game, for me it’s an 8 or 9 out of 10. [Graceful Explosion Machine] plays like a dream, great graphics and music.”

[/wolf_testimonial][wolf_testimonial name=”Jeu Vidéo DELUXE” avatar=”0″ link=”https://twitter.com/jv_deluxe/status/850058229208023040″]”@vertexpop, Congrats on the #NintendoSwitch release of Graceful Explosion Machine! Any plans about releasing the fantastic #soundtrack?”

[/wolf_testimonial][wolf_testimonial name=”Steve Crane” avatar=”0″ link=”http://www.torontogamedevs.com/blog/graceful-explosion-machine-soundtrack-coming-april-13th”]”With Graceful Explosion Machine coming out last week on Switch – it’s time to preorder the excellent soundtrack from Robby Duguay.”

[/wolf_testimonial][wolf_testimonial name=”rawmeatcowboy” avatar=”0″ link=”http://gonintendo.com/stories/277712-graceful-explosion-machine-seeing-soundtrack-release-on-april-13t”]”This would be a cool soundtrack to play in the background while you’re working.”


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