Out on September 9th, 2015!

“Knight & Damsel is a two-player ‘uncooperative’ multiplayer game set on a papercraft stage that subverts the age-old tale of knights saving damsels, with the knight and damsel competing to rescue the other! In Knight & Damsel, players attempt to delay their opponent so their chosen hero can receive the most glory by getting the furthest through the stage. They do this by throwing blocks on to their opponents screen, warping the fourth wall between 2D screen and world space. Blocks have the ability to delay or knock back their opponent, with snow avalanches to pursuing ghosts at hand to ensure you can get the lead in the race.”

Art by Colin Mancer, Yulia Boublikova and Noreen Rana. Music by Maggie McLean. VO by Mathew Kumar. Concept/Video/Audio by Robby Duguay.

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