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Loud on Planet X

From LoudOnPlanetX.com: “LOUD on Planet X is an arcade-style indie music game featuring Tegan and Sara, METZ, Metric, Lights, Austra and more. Choose from a cross-section of top current indie music artists, then defend your stage from hordes of quirky aliens by tapping to the music and using a fun assortment of makeshift weapons like speakers,...

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From Trackoons.com: “Trackoons is an 8-person local multiplayer game for PC/Mac/Linux, where you play as raccoons facing off in a race in downtown Toronto. Trackoons is an uncooperative game which requires you to be ruthless and toss your fellow raccoon friends into obstacles. In real life, Trackoons uses a custom-built 8-person joystick rig, where the joysticks...

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Knight and Damsel

From KnightAndDamsel.com: “Knight & Damsel is a two-player “uncooperative” multiplayer game set on a papercraft stage that subverts the age-old tale of knights saving damsels, with the knight and damsel competing to rescue the other! In Knight & Damsel, players attempt to delay their opponent so their chosen hero can receive the most glory by...

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Arcade Skidaddle

Arcade Skidaddle is an infinite skiing game featuring 3d low-poly art and an 80’s inspired aesthetic. Tapping anywhere on the screen alternates which direction the skier is going. Ski around obstacles on the hill, collect stars and get air to see how far you can go before you meet a hilarious ragdoll end. Complete quests...

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The Great Martian War

From GreatMartianWar.com “THE MARTIANS HAVE INVADED! Can you survive long enough to save Earth from extinction? It’s World War I, and war is hell—especially when the enemy you must face are terrifying Martian warriors. You are Gus Lafonde, fearless scout and soldier—and you must survive. The future of the planet—along with every human being—depends on you. Navigate...

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Jimmy Jimbo: Big Zoo Fun

From Thadeus Maximus “This book details Jimmy Jimbo and his family as they embark on a wildly entertaining adventure to the zoo. Each page is packed with astonishingly animated visuals displaying animals witnessed as they embark upon their journey. This book is sure to invigorate your child’s imagination and bundle their day with fantastic fun....

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