Fossil Hunters

Title : Fossil Hunters Original Soundtrack
Release Date : June 25, 2018
Catalog ref. : MCOL-0118
Format : Digital Download

Fossil Hunters is an action-adventure game about digging for fossils and building your own dinosaurs. You are an adventuring fossil hunter on a mission to discover the most incredible fossils the world has ever seen! Discover and assemble your own creations and avoid cave-ins, monsters, and traps while you explore exciting underground environments.

Development: Reptoid Games
Composed and produced: Robby Duguay
Orchestrations and piano: Trevor Alan Gomes
Performing Orchestra: The Budapest Scoring Symphonic Orchestra
Percussion: Doug Perry
Mastering: Andy Magoffin, House of Miracles
Sound Design: Matthew Steven Miller
Additional sequencing: Mason Lieberman
Album Art: Emma Burkeitt

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