80’s metal Hallelujah Chorus

This season I’ve had a great time preparing for “The Most Wonderful Advent Calendar Extravaganza Ever,” at Church on the Queensway. Most people forget that most good Christmas productions can start rehearsals in September or earlier! One of the parts of the show, Christmas through the ages, features Christmas carols sung by different figures throughout… Continue reading 80’s metal Hallelujah Chorus

On the road with Arthur Wachnik

This weekend was Thanksgiving for us Canadians – but I spent mine a little differently than my family. I went down to Detroit to play a show with my friend Arthur Wachnik. This is the second time I’ve gone on the road to perform with Arthur, and this time was definitely a little different. He… Continue reading On the road with Arthur Wachnik

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Phoenix Pox

Animator Samantha Smith from Halifax recently finished an animated short, which I did the music for. She said she was looking for something that sounded like an old Russian folk song, with words like “holy crap, that bird is on fire.” To me, when I picture old Russian music all I can hear is Soviet… Continue reading Phoenix Pox