Or, alternate title: AdventureWare Postmortem!?

A couple days after the Adventure Time Game Jam, I got an email from Wired Magazine contributor Ryan Rigney asking me for my impressions or some stories on how the jam went. I consulted with my AdventureWare teammates Jonathan Levstein (design/code) and Stephen Daymond, and wrote an email back.

Little did we know we would be featured in an article, even “top-billed” so to speak!

Jake thumbs up! (by Stephen Daymond)

Jake thumbs up! (by Stephen Daymond)

Jonathan and I also appeared on the bi-weekly, bi-monthly indie game podcast SECRET TWINS CLUB. They are based out of Bento Miso and I usually record their podcast, but it was nice to be featured as a guest this time. We show up around 3/5 of the way… around the point where they start talking about Spadina bus.

There is more news to come, and more game updates are on the way in the next few weeks – so stay tuned!

On a related sidenote, here is a playlist of the music I wrote for the game: