It’s Adventure Time, come on – grab your friends!

This past weekend (Sept 14-16), I took part in the Game Making Frenzy game jam, and the theme was Adventure Time. I mostly compose for a chamber music or orchestral voicing (or sometimes rock bands/stage shows), so it was a ton of fun to spend my time composing chiptunes and doing sound design to match the cartoon. I even had a had in some of the game design – it’s a really good feeling to see some of my ideas come to life; maybe I’ll explore that some more in the future.

For now, here is a link to our game’s profile on their website and you can download it there. Please, create an account and vote for us!

Big thanks to my teammates:
Jonathan Levstein, Code and Game Design – @JLevstein
Stephen Daymond, totally ALGEBRAIC art – @StephenDaymond

Jonathan was our resident mastermind and put everything together in an HTML5 engine called Construct2. I was really impressed with how quickly he got the mechanics to a playable state – it seemed like no time before it was just down to fine tuning. I’ll be collaborating soon with him on the next version of my website (as you can see from his site, he’s very good at it).

Stephen is a seasoned artist, working professionally in the animation industry for 10-12 years. You may be familiar with his web comic Specimen B-28, or seen his table at different conventions/shows. I have no idea how we got him to agree to take time away from it and be a part of our team! This was my first ‘real’ game jam, and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

Pretty soon, I’ll put up the html5 in-browser version here for you to enjoy.

I should also give a shout out – I took full advantage of Plogue’s Chipsounds for this project. And I may have also played a pink ukelele for the Apple level.

If you’re not familiar with Pen Ward’s Adventure Time you can get more info here, or here.